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Healthy Weight Loss

One of the reasons I created the Leaner Ladies Weight Loss Empowerment Program for Women is because every woman is unique when it comes to reaching their healthy weight.  Not every one of us wants to or is capable of reaching a size 2… nor should we strive for that!  The main goal for all women should be to reach their own healthy weight… the weight that is right for them and will have them feeling better in their body!

When a woman is at her “healthy weight”, she will feel lighter, more energetic & confident and be able to function better in all parts of her life.  If you keep this in mind when trying to lose weight, it will help you reach your goal in a different way.  Instead of focusing on the pounds, you will focus on the way your body feels.  The better it feels, the more you will do to keep it that way so that the daunting task of “losing weight” becomes the enjoyable task of “reaching your healthy weight”!

Some of the things I do to maintain my healthy weight are really easy once you learn them and notice differences from doing them.  First, I recognize which foods are real sources of energy and nutrition for my body and which are not.  I then eat the ones that will help me reach and maintain my healthy weight first and eat the others sparingly or only once in awhile as a treat. Second, I move my body daily even if I can’t get to the gym because I know this will help with my overall health as well as my weight management. 

Think of ways that you can reach your healthy weight and implement them one at a time.  Please contact me if you need any help determining how to do this and in coming up with a personal plan (click on the word “contact” or go to the contact page on this website to send me a personal message).  And, if you haven’t already, get my free Fast Tracks & more great weight loss tips by entering your name & email in the form on the right.  I would love to help you Feel Better in Your Body and Be Better in Your Life!

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